I kind of fell out of the habit of doing restaurant reviews, because lately when I’ve been out to eat, it’s been with a group of friends.  I don’t want to be bothered when I’m entertaining or being social.  However, I was out and about in the (abnormally) glorious weather the other day and was walking around Suncrest Town Centre when I decided to pop into Naticakes.

Naticakes bills itself as a frozen yogurt bar, and is a satellite location to their main store in Lexington, Kentucky.  The chain is named after young Natalie Wynn Carter, a lovely little girl whose smiling face is on their about page and is peeking in various photos throughout the store.  Sadly, young Natalie passed away at 23 months old of a blocked coronary.  Her aunt, Nicole Sloan, was inspired to raise money for the foundation started in Natalie’s honor, and decided the best way to do it was to sell cupcakes.  It took off from there to include frozen yogurt, and became a smash hit, raising one million dollars for the Natalie Wynn Carter foundation to benefit children all over the world.

It’s an inspiring story, and I can certainly get behind stuffing my face with tasty frozen yogurt for the benefit of little kids.  (I’m sure they’d approve of my method.)  I stopped in, asked the manager on duty if he was okay with me snapping pictures, then went to work.

The first thing I noticed about this location is the lovely decor.  The inside is awash with light, cheery colors and upbeat wall hangings.  The tables and accents are very kitschy, all in distressed cream colors.  It was charming and inviting, to be sure.  Even the table I ate at was a door painted and roughed up, then put on legs!  It was pretty neat.

Naticakes of Morgantown boasts an impressive selection of frozen yogurt readily available on tap.  They’re labeled with kitschy signs and the middle handle is a swirl of the two on either side of it.  Very neat!

In the name of research I grabbed a bowl of got a nice swirl of pomegranate raspberry and mango.  Peculiar flavors for frozen yogurt, no?  I then headed over to the toppings bar.

Modest with a wide variety of ingredients, ranging from junk food like Swedish Fish and cake chunks to more healthy toppings such as fresh pineapple and blueberries.  I sprinkled some coconut flakes on mine, with some granola, strawberries, and blueberries.

The awesome thing about Naticakes is your final cost is done by weight.  No gouging when it comes to toppings.  Just plop your bowl of fro-yo on the scale at the end of the line, and they figure the cost from the weight of your cup.  For a substantial cup of frozen yogurt with some toppings, my bill came to roughly four dollars.  Not bad!

Have a look at these colors!

Even the yogurt is cheerful.  The topping ingredients were so fresh too.  Look at this blueberry!

All in all, it was absolutely delicious.  The mango and pomegranate raspberry swirl complimented each other nicely.  It was the perfect amount of sweetness, without any sort of chemical flavors or taste of refrigerant that you occasionally get at soft-serve machines.  Just simple, delicious fro-yo.  The toppings were fresh and tasty.  Overall, this is probably the best bowl of frozen yogurt I have ever had, and I love me some fro-yo.  I want to return as soon as I can to try their other flavors, and I absolutely plan on doing so.

Naticakes is a unique break from the normal fast food places in Morgantown, and a healthy competitor to Cold Stone Creamery.  I would encourage anyone I know to visit and try everything.  It is also my understanding that this store will soon boast an assortment of cupcakes sometime in February, sticking with the original spirit of Naticakes.  I look forward to it!  A+ establishment!

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