My poor blog.  It’s been neglected and abandoned, left to whither.  I swear it is not something I did on purpose, but rather my blog was a victim of circumstance.

But I’m back.  I had planned on my very first entry being on macarons.  Macarons are the new cupcake.  Or rather, macarons are cupcakes’ cranky, fussy younger sister.  They are in vogue right now in all the foodie circles, with pictures all over FoodGawker whispering a challenge: make me.

I had seen a blogger dub the macaron the cookie that will make your hair go white.  Jesus, isn’t that the truth.  Until now, I never ran into anything I couldn’t bake to perfection.  This…this “cookie” has stumped me not once, but four times.  Hell, even Ray gave it a shot only to have the exact same problem as myself.

Look at this!

All of my macarons met similar fates.  Cracking, collapsing, no feet.  It was a disaster, and I seriously considered just giving up.

Ray convinced me to keep at it, because he’s positive I can get it.

So hopefully the next post I make is a triumphant picture of perfect macarons.

Also, Ray has apparently been whispering in Santa’s ear.  It means good things for this blog.  😀