I forgot to post this, but it’s relevant.

I wrote a post a while back about my crummy camera and how much I wanted to replace it.  Well, that hasn’t change, but I did find a gem in an unexpected place.

Mat’s mom gave him a digital camera some years ago after she replaced it with a better one.  It’s nothing special.  A small black Samsung point-and-shoot, 5MP, etc.  I decided to play around with it to see if it had any power.  I was amazed!  It took excellent pictures!!  Hence the last couple posts had half decent pictures to add instead of noisy and blurry shots.  The camera has an excellent macro function, so I’ve been taking advantage of it.  I even did some nature shots.  You can see my Flickr here.

That’s not to say this camera has nothing that detracts from it.  This thing eats batteries like you wouldn’t believe.  I’ve had brand new batteries eaten alive by the auto-focus in Macro mode before I could even take a shot.  But still, for how old it is, it’s not bad, and it will do just fine until I can either get a new camera, or buy myself one.