The last hobby I ever expected myself to get into was photography.  And really, photography isn’t much my thing.  Cooking is my thing, I just happen to enjoy taking pictures of the scrumptious things I cook.  Unfortunately, the POS camera (and I’m not referencing point-and-shoot there) I have is crummy, at best.  I picked up a little point-and-shoot camera about three years ago when my dog located and subsequently destroyed my old one.  Nothing special, merely a Nikon CoolPix, boasting six megapixels and a few customizable features.  All I wanted at the time was something to take half decent pictures, and nothing more.

Then I found cooking, and blogging.  The two go together like peanut butter and jelly (see what I did there?  Culinary reference.)  I started posting on Facebook about the things I was cooking, though not only did I want to tell more of the story surrounding the food I just made, but my friends were complaining about descriptions with no pictures to drool over.  So, I started taking pictures.

I have no idea how to use a camera besides aiming the sucker towards what I wanted a picture of and pushing the little button on top.   Little did I know about the better things a half decent camera could do!  So I looked up how to do it.  And I picked up my camera to adjust those things, because a lot of point-and-shoot cameras will allow you to adjust them.  And I learned that my hunk-of-junk is…well…a hunk of junk.  It has no manual mode.  It’s macro setting produces blurry pictures without the flash, and over-exposed pictures with the flash.  Scene modes did little to help.  The focus was terrible.  I would get blurry photos from what I thought was perfectly still shots.

So the search began for a new camera.  I found one, the Canon PowerShot SX210 (in black), and now I’m batting my eyelashes at my dearest Beloved, because Christmas is coming and I swear if I had a better camera I’d just cook all the time to take pictures of my pretty food!  And, well, what am I going to do with all of that food?  Someone has to eat it!  And I like to eat but I just make sooooo much sometimes, I need help eating it.  Who could I ever convince to eat all of that food?  Gee, I wonder.