While out with Mat and his mom, we stopped at Books-a-Million.  Now, Books-a-Million has a MUCH better cookbook selection than Barnes and Noble.  Much much better.  While they looked around, I plucked these three gems from the shelves of their Ethnic and Healthy cooking sections within about five minutes.  Now, to the introductions.

Now, this baby is the Pioneer Woman Cooks.  It is the cookbook based off the wildly successful blog of the same name (which is in my blog roll as well.)  When I heard Ree Drummond published a cookbook, I began to hunt for it.  The one time I saw it at Barnes and Noble, I was flat broke.  Now when I saw it this time, I grabbed it.  I plan on reviewing it once I cook a few things out of it.

When I saw this, I flipped through it and decided this was the Japanese cookbook I’ve been looking for!  It has much of the basic and popular recipes in it, such as Oyakodon, Tonkatsu, Yakitori, and even Green Tea Ice Cream!  I bought it and I feel I will definitely enjoy this book.  I will also review this one.

And last, but not least, the Chicken edition of the Cooking Light cookbooks.  Mat and I eat a lot of chicken, not just for budget reasons but for health reasons too.  Chicken is very low in fat and cholesterol, so when I saw this, I grabbed it, as I was very satisfied by the Italian Cooking light cookbook.  It’s not terribly elaborate or with long lists of expensive ingredients.  It doesn’t tout itself as gourmet or some such, but rather this is every day family food.  I will use this one up quickly!

All in all, I paid almost $80.  (Ouch!)  But let’s see if it was worth it.  🙂