So I decided to go on a little shopping trip to my local Asian grocery.  It exists in the basement of a laundromat, way out of the way.  I needed some udon noodles and new chopsticks (since my favorite ones are MIA), so I skipped down that way.  Of course, I never leave with just what I wanted.

I left with this stuff.

Starting from the top, left to right:  500g of uncooked udon noodles, bonito flakes, kombu kelp.  Next row: Hello Panda chocolate biscuit snacks (for Mat), Lychee candy, Melon Ramune.  Next Row:  My new chopsticks, sencha green tea, donabe pot.

The kombu and bonito are for my adventures in dashi stock making, from scratch.  The candy and pop because I love candy.  The donabe, however, was an impulse buy.

At one of my favorite restaurants, one of their best dishes is an assorted meat and veggie hot pot.  It comes in it’s own earthenware dish, still sizzling, and I’ve been fascinated by it.  A little digging and I learned that the earthenware pot is called a donabe, and it is actually a cooking vessel.  When I spotted the stacks of donabe, I immediately grabbed one!  Hell, it was only $7, I can certainly afford that.

When I showed Mat the donabe, he got excited at the idea of a nice udon hot-pot dinner.  He got pot-pie instead, but I want to cook in the donabe sometime soon.  I little research said I have to season it first, but it’s a simply process.  I don’t be able to use it tomorrow, though.  😦

We shall see what tasty masterpieces I come up with in the donabe!