One of my favorite Youtube channels is the Japanese cooking channel, cookingwithdog.  It is a step-by-step cooking show concerning traditional Japanese meals.  I fell in love because I love step-by-step cooking shows, and Japanese food, so immediately subscribed.  While watching CWD one day, I saw a vid for Yakisoba, or fried noodles.  Mat, who was laying in bed next to me, looked over while I was watching and said “Oh my god that looks so good.”  You know what that means, right?  I gotta make it!

So I did.  The wonderful thing about recipes like this is you can do whatever you want with it.  I had a single chicken breast sitting in my freezer, so I figured I would use that first before I lopped up the massive pork tenderloin roast I have in the fridge.  I also used different veggies.

What I used after the jump.

I used some different things from the video for my version of Yakisoba.  I adore veggies and have a ton of them.  I always look for a reason to use them, so I used the following:

1/2 of a zucchini, cut into strips

1 head of baby bok choy, chopped into big pieces

a few leaves of green cabbage, chopped into inch-sized pieces.

several shiitake mushroom caps, sliced into strips

3 green onions, chopped on a diagonal

1 clove of garlic

a palm-full of mung bean sprouts

I also sliced a chicken breast ups, thinly on a diagonal.  The noodles I got were from the ethnic food section of Kroger, and they were dried, but next time I think I may get the fresh ones from Vonson.  I think they would turn out better.

The noodles were fried in a dab of sesame oil with a sprinkle of sake on top, then the chicken was added to cook, then lastly the veggies with an additional tablespoon of vegetable oil.  I poured the sauce on top and mixed it all together with my cooking chopsticks, then served.  I ended up going to put more sauce on mine, but Mat liked his just fine.

This is a pretty healthy dish, with the load of veggies and lean protein in it.  The noodles are carby, for those watching their carbs, and the additional oil adds some calories, so if you are watching that, perhaps use less oil, or an oil spray.  I had a nice heaping bowl of it, and so did Mat, and I just enough to pack it into a bento for my dinner at work!