So, I finally got around to making my food blog.  I’ve been terrorizing Facebook with my food and cooking related status updates for months, and after so many people proverbially shook there fists at me for taunting them with mouthwatering status updates, I decided to just put it all in a blog, because if there is something I love almost as much as food, it’s blogging.

This blog is going to be multi-purpose.  Not only will it be an outlet for pictures of the things I’ve made, but also for recipes, step-by-step visual recipes, restaurant reviews, and pictures of the food I order and eat in restaurants wherever I go!

I’d also like to do a category dedicated to basic cooking, because I have a brother who is lucky for instant food, or he’d starve.  I’d like to do a series on it for people like him, who would like to learn a few things about cooking, other than opening a can and pushing buttons on a microwave.

I want to start extra soon, probably tomorrow, so keep an eye out!